Kildysart Tidy Towns.


Please keep our village clean.
Use the local recycling centre.

We are very serious about litter control.
Are you?

Kildysart Tidy Towns Committee was reformed in recent years and since then many improvements have been made in our picturesque village on the banks of the Shannon Estuary. In conjunction with local FAS Scheme, stone walls have been built, streets cleaned every week, picnic area at Quay developed, grass trimmed and weeds sprayed during Summer months. This month the committee will be involved in erecting hanging baskets and sowing Flowers in the various flowers beds and pots in the village and outskirts of the village. Among the projects underway at the moment is a rose garden at Lackshannagh Cross, flower beds adjacent to the GAA field and further improvements at Kilrush Rd. A three year plan for the overall development of Tidy Towns targets and initiatives has been recently submitted to the adjudicators by the hard working committee. The litter problem has decreased significantly in the village area but has increased on the approach roads which is very unfortunate. Every Easter the committee undertake a Parish Clean Up with the help of many volunteers and the hope is that people will eventually get the message and dispose of their litter in a safe and proper way. The Tidy Towns Committee wish to thank each and everyone for their help and assistance and issue an open invitation to more people young and old to join committee or to help out in any way possible. It is only with the full cooperation of the local community that Kildysart can once again increase their marks in the Tidy Towns competition this year.


Adjudication Reports